Down Mexico Way — by Pauleena — Rich young United states teenage…

Down Mexico Way — by Pauleena — Rich young United states teenage…

Down Mexico Way — by Pauleena — Rich young United states teenage kid on a break in Mexico satisfies neighborhood child and stocks intimate experiences with him and 2 of their friends. (mm-teens, mf, orgy, dental, mast, mexican)

Draconis — by Dracon — The snowfall is decreasing heavily — a lone figure is walking through the storm to locate a cave to weather the cold through to the storm breaks — but he passes down in the snowfall, due to the fact fearce wind whips snowy flakes up to the atmosphere, quickly just starting to protect their human anatomy by having a white feathery down of ice crystals. (MM, dream)

Drama Ends in Life — by John Antony — He enjoyed his buddy extremely but could not make sure he understands freely. Then their university arranged a drama and each of them acted in lead functions. Then everything changed and their fantasy arrived real. (MM, rom, homosexual tale from Asia)

Dream — by Erophite the husband happens to be «temporally» sharing his spouse using their homosexual friend. But one evening each of them get high and a disagreement ensues between your few plus the spouse gets himself spitefully drunk and passes away. He’s a vivid fantasy, nonetheless it might have been a reality that is blurred. (MMF, nc, bi, liquor)

Dream woman — by LJDoofus75 — This a tale about intimate awaking and finding a person’s real love and identification. To see Flavia, you can easily Goggle her. It will be apparent why the writer ended up being smitten. (MMF, 1st-bi, mast, dental, anal, tv)

Ambitions will come real — by Anon — this will be more or less a real tale regarding how we went from a heterosexual male to a ball-less bottom that is gay. (MM, exh, dental, anal, beast, cast)

Dress — by Deirdre — a guy plays around with cross-dressing because their pretty sister-in-law persuades him to. But things quickly escalate beyond his wildest goals. (MF, MM, television, bd, d/s)

Dressup — by Gungadick — a guy comes home tired and exhausted, but discovers the opportunity to meet a dream quite exhilarating as their girlfriend that is young helps lead their also more youthful niece astray. (MF/f-teen, ped, inc, dental, bi)

Drew — by Principal Peter — Twelve year Drew that is old needs on the go. Dave utilizes the boy that is submissive dilemma to his or her own benefit. (Mb, extreme-ped, d/s, reluc, mast, anal) component 2 — component 3

Consuming Beer and Fishing — by James T. — I happened to be drunk myself understood to my buddies as I tried to make. But i did not imply that this would take place, no i did not. (mm/m-teens, 1st-gay, dental)

Driving nude — by nude Trucker — This tale is all about a casual threeway that occurred 1 day while at a vehicle end. Can it be a story that is true you function as judge. (MMM)

Drugged — by Nuts — a guy gets in a fight that is big their spouse and will take off into the neighborhood bar to drown their sorrows. He is found with a sympathetic girl and goes house with her. He shouldn’t did that! (Mdom/MF, MM, medications, nc)

Drunken Frat Boy — by Warwick — A story in regards to a college that is gay whom seduces a right buddy while their buddy is drunk away from his head. (gay-straight intercourse, university, liquor)

Duck and Protect — by Holly Rennick — a tale that is three-part of within the Nuclear War of 1961. Survival means fulfilling each other?s requirements. In the event that world that is post-cataclysmicn?t too apocalyptic, leave it towards the Kaffee Klatsches to work through. (Fm, inc, bi, sci-fi)

Dude appears like a girl — by Jaz — you cannot constantly judge guide by its address. (tv, rp, v)

Eastern Adventure — by Kewtieboy — a homosexual man is delivered down to Bangkok to sort down some issues their business are receiving. Unfortuitously the business additionally deliver some help out in the shape of oversexed right guys from who wish they can demonstrate to them a «good time. » He manipulates the problem to his or her own advantage. (MF, MM, bi, voy, reluc, dental)

Educational movies — by PuppyLoverDawn — The sequel to A Mother’s Confession. (In directory 29) The niave Joan assists her spouse and brother-in-law make special «educational» films because of the young ones. (Mf, ped, inc, nc, bi, dental, beast)

Eighth level Experiences — by Sweetpleezer — 8th grade ended up being such a fantastic 12 months for me personally. Though i have had many wonderful sexual experiences since, the 1981-’82 college 12 months holds a tremendously unique destination in my own heart, per year of self-discovery and unimaginable pleasure. (mf, ff, mm, teens, orgy) Part 2 — component 3

Elijah’s browse — by Alex Hawk — Chance’s more youthful relative, Elijah, comes to consult with him in Los Angeles. Potential is homosexual and Elijah is. Well. Uncertain. (Mm-teen, ped, inc, mast) component 2

Elric additionally the Vampire Bucktaur — by Krahnis & Misha Brightleaf — Bax moans experiencing the horse morph just just take him in bed then a deertaur dollars straight back at Elric because the two moan and pant within the pleasure that is growing while Bax closes their eyes and bares his fangs at how good it seems to really have the dense horse like cock going inside and out associated with bucktaur’s human body while Sky sleeps to recover through the drain to his human body. (MMM, sci-fi, vampire, orgy)

Emma in charge — by Kewtieboy — i might experienced deep bisexual feelings but my girlfriend pressed me personally further than we dared to ever get. (MMF, 1st-bi-expr, mast, dental anal, intr, gb, swingers)

Erotic Encounter — by Drummer — a guy has intercourse by having a teenage child, using their virginity. (Mm-teen, first, dental, anal)

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